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Working with your psychic senses

Are you psychic? Have you ever known something before it happens? Do you get feelings about people, places, and things, sometimes without wanting to?


We are ALL naturally intuitive, it's an inherent part of our humanity. It helps us to navigate around the world safely, and gives us a greater understanding of another's experience should we choose to listen. During these two mini-workshops we will explore the nature of our intuition, how it speaks to us, how we can hear it, and how we can harness that to help us, and humanity. It will also contain the following;


  • Accessing the Power of your awareness using empathy

  • Unlocking the content of the aura and learn how to read it

  • Learn how your awareness functions and where it comes from

  • The relationship between our awareness and our trauma

  • Psychic detective work and 'remote viewing'

  • The responsibility of the worker

  • Predictions and forecasting

Each week you will have time and opportunity to express your awareness in a safe, and nurturing environment. Each 4-hour session will contain a theoretical understanding of each aspect as well as practical time working with your fellow students. 


Throughout the course Darren will offer constructive support and encouragement as well as offering his insight into how you are able to improve your awareness to reach its full potential. Dates for this class are as follows:

Sunday 23 April (BST) 

Sunday 30 April (BST)

All sessions start at 5pm until 9pm (BST) and places are strictly limited to 16 to allow individual attention from Darren.

*Price £90*

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