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From Innocence to Inner Sense; The Journey to Mediumship, is a highly acclaimed mediums story of mediumistic and personal unfoldment. From his early roots in a northern UK mining town, he charts his journey from being a shy and anxious teenager to now one of the most sought-after evidential mediums and teachers working today. 


This book begins autobiographically but evolves into a vital handbook for those studying mediumship. Over almost 30 years of demonstrating and teaching mediumship Darren offers the reader his experience and understanding of what helps, and what harms mediumistic unfoldment. He offers his own definition of psychic and mediumship connections as well as instructing the reader on how they can achieve accuracy and consistency in their own work. Woven throughout are Darren’s own experiences which have taken him to a greater understanding of his awareness. Experiences such as being shot, finding a missing child, and demonstrating under extreme conditions all aim to assist the reader in understanding how their own awareness functions. There are also practical tips on improving the students’ awareness as well as identifying the eight conditions necessary for it to function in the first place!


Whether you are new to the subject of mediumship or are already a committed student of it, this book offers both practical guidance and clear understanding of all aspects of this unique journey. 

£11.99 plus £3 postage and packaging (UK only)

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