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Darren walked into a Spiritualist Church at the age of 17 with the intention of going once and never again. What took him there was a desire to understand the 'lights' he had been seeing around people for the last 4 years which seemed to come on as a result of painful headaches that he had been having during that time. During that evening he joined in the open circle and watched various people (whom he admits to thinking at the time were all "mental"), talking to other people about their "granddad's rhubarb" and other such seemingly trivial pieces of information. He felt an urge to leave as it appeared that he wouldn't get any answers from what he had seen. It was at that point that a lady came over and proceeded to deliver a message to him about how psychic he appeared to be, how he 'saw' lights around people which she described as an aura, and how the Spirit World had work in store for him. She then made a prediction that within a year he would stand on the platform and do the work she did.

Since 1992 Darren has demonstrated his mediumship in Spiritualist churches, public halls and theatres. His mediumship has taken him to all areas  of the UK as well as to Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Norway, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the United States. He has written for, and been featured in several well respected esoteric publications including Two Worlds and Psychic News, and in the last few years has turned down three offers of work on high profile TV programmes, feeling that his work would be seen as purely entertainment and not for its true meaning.


He is able to convey messages from the other side; often with such accuracy many people claim they no longer have doubt that a world exists after this one. His reputation for delivering significant names, dates, street names, and personal information to identify loved ones has earned him a reputation as a medium of high quality. As well as being able to convey messages from the Spirit World, he sees his work as much more than that. He has a desire to remind people through his own experiences of life, and through his connection to Spirit, that we are all Divine in origin and how we can attune to that source of love to help us to heal.


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