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Expressing your Mediumship

How is your mediumship wanting to be expressed? For some, it's exclusively in the intimate setting of a private sitting, for others it's in the public arena. I am now offering a one day class on expressing your mediumship in each of these settings.


Day one will be specifically aimed at developing the private sitting medium, and day two will focus more on those looking to demonstrate publicly, both online and in-person. The focus on both days will be on how to be a specific, accurate, and confident worker!


The content of the classes will be as follows:


Sat 1 July - The private reading medium - FULLY BOOKED


  • Identifying the need behind a sitting

  • How your awareness responds to the need

  • Intuition or mediumship?

  • The dynamics of the sitting, and the energetics behind them

  • The role of the reader

  • Boundary keeping and responsibility


Sun 2 July - The demonstrating medium - FULLY BOOKED


  • Preparing to demonstrate

  • Examining the intent, and energetics of the medium, the recipient, and the communicator 

  • Going direct, or throwing out information - examining the benefits and limits of each

  • Elevating the evidence to identify the recipient 

  • Working online without compromising the quality of your work


Each class will offer the student plenty of opportunity to practice and I will offer constructive support and encouragement as well as offering my insight into how you are able to improve your awareness to reach its full potential. 

These classes are suitable for anyone already working with their mediumship but they will NOT be suitable for absolute beginners. 


Each class will held on Zoom and is limited to 16 participants each day. It will run from 4pm until 9pm (BST). You are invited to attend either, or both days.


To sign up please email me directly for payment details.

Cost - £80

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