Mediumship and psychic development are two areas I enjoy teaching in groups through seminars and workshops. Having the opportunity to assist people in strengthening their awareness and understanding are the aspects I am most passionate about and I believe are vital to developing a good standard of mediumship. It’s with this in mind that I'm now offering personalised, one to one tuition for students of mediumship. 


Each session with me will be 1 hour long and can be booked as a one-off session, or for those dedicated to expanding their awareness more, multiple sessions over a longer term. I am offering these both face to face in my home in Loughborough, and also now via Skype or Zoom so distance really is no barrier to your unfoldment. Each session will be both intuitive and structured according to your individual needs and will also include theoretical understanding and practical exercises to strengthen your connections.


If you are interested please email me to arrange a free initial consultation.