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Soul Appraisal

A Soul appraisal reading is especially suited to anyone committed to understanding themselves more fully, those who are aware of their spiritual identity and also those who are possibly already working with their mediumship and awareness too.

The readings look at the many different levels of the Self; the Soul, the Identity of the sitter, as well as their life experiences. The Soul chooses and draws to it the experiences in life that It needs to evolve, sometimes before it comes into this world; it is filled with unlimited potential and has purpose. What WE choose and how WE operate in life either aligns us with the Soul or keeps us separate from it and can prevent us from reaching our potential - the true purpose of life is to align the personality and the Soul.

Using my intuition and mediumship I am able to identify what is happening on the many levels of your Self, look at what is held within the purpose of your Soul and more importantly, how you can find alignment with it. I won’t be offering proof of life after death during the reading, this type of reading is really all about understanding YOU!

I am not taking on further appointments at the moment.

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