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Image by Anthony DELANOIX

Mediumship for Beginners​


This one-day mediumship class is best suited for those new to mediumship and those just starting the explore their awareness of the Spirit World. A Yoruba proverb states,"If you want to know the end, you must look to the beginning", this is no more true than in the unfoldment of mediumship. Therefore, the focus of this class will be on setting strong, clear foundations at the beginning of your journey into mediumship. In doing so you can be a specific, accurate, and strong medium.


The content of the classes will be as follows: 

  • Identifying the differences between intuitive, psychic, and mediumistic connections

  • How does your mediumship function?

  • How to attune to the Spirit World and recognise It's influence

  • What is the Power and how to access it?

  • What is evidence of life after death, and what isn't.

  • The illusion of confidence in mediumship


Sun 23 July - 4pm - 9pm UK time (BST)

This class will offer the student plenty of opportunity to practice and I will offer constructive support and encouragement as well as offering my insight into how you are able to improve awareness to reach its full potential. ​These classes are suitable for anyone already working with their mediumship but they are more suited for absolute beginners.  


The class will be held on Zoom and is limited to 16 participants. It will run from 4pm until 9pm (BST). To sign up please email me to check availability - click here

Cost - £80

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