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The Individuality of Spirituality

We are all, without a doubt, unique. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone who is exactly like you. From your personality, to the way you think, to how you look and sound, and considering all the experiences you’ve had whilst being in your body, no-one is the same. This uniqueness is what sets us apart from anyone else in the world and yet because of it the challenge therefore is to remember that on the level of our ‘Spiritual DNA’ we are all connected. The spark of Divine is inherent, it’s what encourages us to breathe every moment of every day and it’s what reminds us that the physicality is merely a form we take whilst we’re on the planet having our ‘human experience’.

Mediumship is the process where we allow our own mind, personality, and experiences to step aside a little and in doing so can access the mind, personality, and experiences of those who have gone to the Spirit World. As mediums, the less we are involved the ‘purer’ is our connection and therefore the stronger and more accurate the ‘evidence’ is. Mediumsitic development is just as personal and unique as our physical, psychological, and emotional development and it shows up in the quality of our evidence, how we present it, and the level of responsibility we take in delivering it; your mediumship is an exact reflection of YOU. It would therefore make sense that no medium will be the same; we all have a different way of attuning to the Spirit World, we will all receive different types of evidence, and the communicators we allow or reject consciously or otherwise are a direct reflection of our own likes, prejudices, and beliefs. If we accept our individuality on one level, then we must also accept it on ALL levels.

So, given our inherent experience of difference, why is it that we are faced with an abundance of similarity on our public platforms? And why is it that we believe that training mediums in the same way will bring the best out in them? It is apparent in the training of our mediums that some teachers will adopt a very rigid approach to the teaching and they hold the belief that their way of teaching development is “the ONLY way”. They may offer this in the form of a manual on ‘how to be a medium’ which purely speaks to the mind of the aspiring medium, but does nothing to allow them to directly experience their own individual way of connecting with the Spirit World. It may offer the student education on the ‘mechanics of mediumship, and how to project your voice when delivering it but it cannot teach you about the responsibility of being a medium and nor can it open your mind to the possibility of reaching higher in their work. It cannot teach you how to build a relationship with the team of inspirers and guides who work with you, nor can a book teach you about trust. Without a doubt this method of ‘development’ becomes more about the teacher than it does about the student or indeed even the Spirit World. The ‘How to be a medium’ manual, whilst a very nice idea is flawed and can never be a substitute for the reality of your own experience. Mediumship presents as a natural faculty once we identify fully with our own inherent Divinity.

I’m a great believer that the teacher needs to be able to demonstrate their ability to connect with the Spirit World to a standard which is not only evidential but also responsible. Have you seen your teacher do this? Or has your teacher spoken of how it should be done but has never showed you? Maybe they have told you what you’re doing wrong and yet you’ve never seen them do it ‘right’? I suggest if this is the case you should find another teacher and reject their methods. After all, would you allow someone to drive you as a passenger in a lorry who had only read a book on it but had never actually driven? I would hope not!

Our intuition is our greatest ally in our spiritual unfoldment. It is the wise and most Divine part of us that keeps us in alignment with truth. In Its presence we are ‘in tuition’, we are literally learning something from a non-physical perspective and it’s recommended that we listen to what it has to tell us. In the presence of new information our intuition is constantly monitoring what our physical senses are receiving. Our instinct is looking for the truth in the teaching and so when it finds it, you will know. If what you hear or see ‘feels’ good to you then it IS good for you. If, however what you’re experiencing doesn’t feel good to you then there is also education happening. The contrast between what we know, and what we don’t has the potential to allow us to experience the individuality of our own progression.  Individuality is defined as being “the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked” (Oxford Dictionaries).

Do you WANT to be like every other medium out there or do you want more for Spirit than that? It doesn’t serve the Universe to be just adequate when you have the potential to be exceptional. It is the exceptional that inspires change in others and it’s the exceptional we should be reaching for. A ‘how to’ manual can only take you so far, after then it’s between you and God but if your education is purely based on the ego then you’re Edging God Out.

Take time to explore all the teachings on mediumship available to you, watch mediums demonstrate and look at how you feel about their way of working and the evidence they allow. Read what you can on psychic and mediumistic development but be mindful of what your heart is saying in response to it. We must learn to include our heart and feelings into all aspects of our mediumistic unfoldment if we (and others) are to fully experience the therapeutic benefit of mediumship. There are many mediums who in my experience are ‘dead from the neck down’. They can give cold, hard facts as evidence, but they work without compassion and don’t allow the presence of the communicator to be evident, nor do they demonstrate the loving compassion of the Spirit World either. If we desire to inspire healing in others, then we must be ‘heart-led’ and not ‘mind-led’ from the outset. Regardless of level of intelligence or understanding, we all know how to ‘feel’ and this should be the foundation we build our mediumship on. Our spiritual unfoldment is OUR responsibility and our privilege. Take time to enjoy it, it will be one of the most rewarding, challenging, and beautiful things you could ever do for yourself AND for Spirit.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Unfortunately we don’t all „feel“. Feelings might be suppressed/blocked/denied. I know from my own estimation in my twenties.

Maybe that’s what happens when the demo comes across as flat/cold?


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Perfectly put ! Thank you for your blogs.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank You for this article. A friend and I were talking the other day about past experiences with various teachers and being too 'text book'. They should instead feel the energy of the pupil to better help them learn and find their own niche in progressing their mediumship.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautifully put Darren, I couldn’t agree with you more. It saddens me when I‘ve gone to churches where the speakers leave you feeling disappointed and flat. I have been to some wonderful services with amazing speakers; it’s been full of love and everyone has left so uplifted. It’s not all about receiving messages, we know that, but it is the whole experience of divine love, and evidence from spirit. I have been a spiritualist for many many years, it has been my source of strength through some very challenging times and it disappoints me when new people attend a poor service for the first time and they leave disappointed never to return.

Sending much love, light and thanks Darren.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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