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Mediumship and Personal Development Programme

Image by Guillaume QL

I am pleased to offer this intensive 9-month programme for the committed student of mediumship. This unique programme contains 3 elements to it, each designed to elevate and enhance your experience of mediumistic expression, and to encourage your own personal development and self-awareness.


The core of the programme will be 9 x 5-hour training sessions which will run from 4pm – 9pm (UK time) on a Sunday each month. These sessions are designed to enhance your mediumistic and intuitive practices through specific exercises whilst working with your peers in the group. The set topics here will be:


  • Examining the role of the Identity – the elements of the “I”

  • Examining the role of the Soul – It’s Power, Purpose, and Presence

  • Developing the Intuitive Self

  • Looking at how you ‘show up’ in your mediumship.

  • Elevating the evidence and conveying impactful, meaningful, and therapeutic communications

  • Creating an openness to a diverse range of communicators

  • The differences between evidential, experiential, and 'empty' mediumship.

  • The Power of Inspiration


In addition to this, there will also be 8 x 2-hour sessions which are group supervision / practice sessions which will encourage personal reflection and insights through discussion, practice, and Q&A. These sessions offer the student the opportunity to embrace the challenges that come with the work, and to share their honest experiences of working with clients/recipients to gain further understanding on the process, and/or themselves. These sessions will be held on a Wednesday evening 7pm-9pm (UK time).


The third element is that each student will have 3 x 1-hour individual sessions with Darren available to them throughout the 9-month programme. These sessions could be a spiritual appraisal or assessment, or individual tutorials on topics or areas the student feels they would benefit from more specifically.


This is a specialised course and requires commitment from all those who attend. As a part of this course not only will you be required to subscribe to the above, but you will also be required to offer the following:


  • To give up to 2 x 30-minute private sittings to invited sitters per month.

  • Participate in 2 online public demonstrations to invited guests throughout the course.

  • Present an inspirational talk.


The course dates are listed below (‘P’ indicates practice sessions)


Sun 10 September

Sun 8 October

Weds 18 October (P)

Sun 5 November

Weds 15 November (P)

Sun 10 December

Weds 13 December (P)

Sun 7 January

Weds 17 January (P)

Sun 4 February

Weds 21 February (P)

Sun 3 March 

Weds 13 March (P)

Sun 7 April

Weds 17 April (P)

Sun 12 May

Weds 15 May (P)

Course fee £950


Places on this course are strictly limited to 14 participants and a pre-course interview may be necessary to determine suitability. Please contact me to register your interest.

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